Home renovation in Chesterfield

The AMPM team recently asked to work on full property renovation in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Customer requirements

The customer was recommended to us by a previous customer who advised about the capabilities of the AMPM team to complete full property renovations of this nature. The customer was looking for a full design and build of her father’s property that  she grew up in. She was looking for a team who could help to modernise the property and make better use of space and become more energy efficient.

How we undertook the project

We started by undertaking a full design analysis with the customer to establish what she liked about the property at present, any elements that she wanted to keep and finally what kind of design and feel she wanted the renovated property to have.

Upon signing off on a design for the renovation, we went about stripping the property ‘back to brick’ allowing us a blank canvas to completely renovate every element of the property, giving the customer the dream property that she already called home!

Final results

The work undertaken by the AMPM team has not only made better use of space, but also made the property more energy efficient and added extra value to the property. The customer is delighted to now have a house that is more in-keeping with her own personal taste but still holds a sentimental value from it being her childhood home.

Before & after

Before photo 1 for Home renovation in Chesterfield
Before photo 2 for Home renovation in Chesterfield
After photo 1 for Home renovation in Chesterfield
After photo 2 for Home renovation in Chesterfield
After photo 3 for Home renovation in Chesterfield
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